BLOO (thexanman) wrote in llamadramajais,

i woke up

i woke up today with a feeling. a feeling i could change the world. you know what that means. llamadrama 2 is about to happen. 14(maybe 15) kida from around the country...and i heard canada, are about to come together for one of the most life changing experiences ever. i have faith in them. just like i have faith in all of you, my fellow llamas. some of us don't talk or call, or do anything as frequently as we should. but we all know we have each others backs in case of anything. and i'm proud of that. that no matter who i called(as infrequently as i call) things will pick up from where they left off. because although we an change the world, we have changed each other. we are llamas. the first. the best. the llamas.

X-RAMU: Ramus United
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